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Posted By [icarus_uk] On 27-12-2003 | Views: 2,178 Replies: 16
Well anything made by AOL should be considered a virus and be destroyed from your computer immediately. But thats just what I think. :D
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 25-12-2003 | Views: 12,360 Replies: 64
>10% girls so far is better than I thought it would be though..

Better than what? I didnt realise Simply Maya was here to pick up women.
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 24-12-2003 | Views: 2,329 Replies: 12
Im on 44.03 to stop that problem.
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 24-12-2003 | Views: 12,360 Replies: 64
Perhaps they see the ridiculous point of the poll and are sterring clear? Who knows.
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 23-12-2003 | Views: 1,200 Replies: 5
youd normally poly split the face a few time. The more edges you have the sharper the angle will be, so if you really want a sharp corner, put three or so edges close together.
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 20-12-2003 | Views: 2,502 Replies: 20
I like it, very nice. Can see law suits in your future, but its still nice. :D
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 18-12-2003 | Views: 1,138 Replies: 2
Well Im not at last resort just yet. Suprisingly the 44.03 drivers get all programs to work, just not very well. But untill theres a new detonator that works with everything, I'll make do.
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 17-12-2003 | Views: 1,138 Replies: 2
Howdy folks, Im having a spot of bother with my Nvidia graphics drivers for my GeForce4 Ti 4200. In short, maya doesnt run with new versions of the detonator drivers, and no new graphics intensive...
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 16-12-2003 | Views: 4,445 Replies: 6
Ahh I have CPS v3.0. Has anyone got a link to a newer version?
Posted By [icarus_uk] On 11-12-2003 | Views: 4,445 Replies: 6
Thanks for taking a look at least. T realise that it doesn't make much difference in this tutorial, I'd just have liked it to look how the videos looked. Ahh well, onwards and upwards.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 495