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Posted By prat391 On 09-05-2016 | Views: 5,319 Replies: 2
Hey Guys,

I've been looking at and trying to use the new Delta Mush deformer in maya 2016, which is supposedly great for skinning and more or less eliminates the need for corrective blendshapes....
Posted By prat391 On 30-01-2014 | Views: 2,901 Replies: 0
Hey guys,

So I've been trying to add some fur to this bird model and for some reason the fur is rendering completely fine, but the U and V samples are displaying incorrectly inside the view-port....
Posted By prat391 On 21-01-2014 | Views: 1,989 Replies: 0
Hi guys!

I'm trying to render light fog through the parti volume node using a directional light.
I'm seeing these weird zig zag pattern artifacts in the render. The light volume itself is...
Posted By prat391 On 17-10-2013 | Views: 1,657 Replies: 0
Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble. I'm using an mip_rayswitch to light my scene. Everything is fine except one thing. I'm not getting an alpha channel! My background is rendering black and i think...
Posted By prat391 On 13-10-2013 | Views: 1,837 Replies: 3
photons are not enabled and yes i'm using mental ray! i'm using maya. it was rendering just fine in office.
Posted By prat391 On 13-10-2013 | Views: 1,837 Replies: 3

So i got this file back from office to work on and when i'm rendering it i'm getting this:

Can anyone please tell me what kind of error this is!
Posted By prat391 On 22-08-2013 | Views: 10,458 Replies: 13
Hey guys,

I'm having a similar problem. The errors I'm getting are:

API 0.0 857MB Warn 302018: type conflict "color" is type color, "adskMayaGamma" returns type vector

Does this have...
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