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Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 20-12-2009 | Views: 4,022 Replies: 0
Hello I was going over an old UV mapping tutorial, and I was trying to Create 2 uv sets to then create snapshots for texturing.

When I select all uv's in one Quadrant, and try to copy...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 08-10-2005 | Views: 1,323 Replies: 10
Yeah, Technel and me have similar specs in our computers, have similar issues with rendering and we both can't afford buying new hardware, for a while. The best thing we can do is keep stuff in...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 06-10-2005 | Views: 1,323 Replies: 10
Thanks a lot for the tips man. I saw an add of the ati firegl card in the 3-d world magazine. It had this high-res picture of a girl. (elvish like with white hair) which was one of charactes ...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 27-09-2005 | Views: 1,470 Replies: 14
Since school started , i still haven't been able to get back to work on both of these 2 exercises, this flag motion path one and the other one about the explosion on the other post. hopefully over...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 26-09-2005 | Views: 1,470 Replies: 14
I'll put a note on that as well.
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 23-09-2005 | Views: 1,470 Replies: 14
awesome. i'll add this link to my favorites to try it out too..
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 21-09-2005 | Views: 10,016 Replies: 37
Hey man

Don't be afraid to ask anything. Everyone's life is different and we aren't born knowing everything, so that's why we share what we know. I am pretty sure that there tons of things...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 20-09-2005 | Views: 2,794 Replies: 6
Sorry, I misused the word, I was refering to your resume. Isaw the pdf file at the frontpage. But I definitelly would like to check out your work when your site remodeling is done.

I need to...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 20-09-2005 | Views: 2,794 Replies: 6
Totally. Now that makes sense. I understand the power behind the chi flowing in the universe LOL.

I'll get back with my final results in a few days. I am currently working on my thesis...
Posted By ryuhayabusa13 On 19-09-2005 | Views: 2,794 Replies: 6
Sorry i wasn't able to reply right away since the internet was down all weekend at my dorm. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me with this.

I am just curious since I come from a...
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