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Posted By Nilla On 03-10-2021 | Views: 3,652 Replies: 2
Forum: Finished Work
That's really cool, jali! Nicely cut together. What program(s) are you working in?
Posted By Nilla On 29-07-2021 | Views: 4,224 Replies: 1
Hi there,
Where did you find this skeleton tutorial? As far as I know, there's no such tutorial on the site. You can find all the free training here:
Posted By Nilla On 29-07-2021 | Views: 4,012 Replies: 1
The next update to Maya includes new starter tutorials, a restored viewcube widget, and a global search system. For details, check out the Autodesk new features for Maya 2022.1 update...
Posted By Nilla On 09-07-2021 | Views: 3,743 Replies: 0
Minions: The Rise of Gru was pushed back from its planned release date this month to next year. In the meantime, we can enjoy the LEGO Minions as Kung Fu Masters in this animated short.
Posted By Nilla On 09-07-2021 | Views: 3,175 Replies: 0
Walt Disney Animation Studios just released a teaser trailer for their sixtieth animated feature. Encanto tells the story of the Madrigal family who lives in the mountains of Colombia in a magical...
Posted By Nilla On 09-07-2021 | Views: 1,638 Replies: 0
Learn how the visual effects process of creating a digital double works. We build an everyday man for every situation that can transfer between shows, being Thor in one and Batman in the next. Our...
Posted By Nilla On 09-07-2021 | Views: 1,809 Replies: 0
Get ready to reimagine the movies from MCU with the new series What If...? It explores what would happen if major moments in the films occurred differently and will air on Disney+ in August 2021.
Posted By Nilla On 04-07-2021 | Views: 171,330 Replies: 140
Sounds like you're in for a bit of a challenge. Maybe start a work in progress thread as you go along. Best of luck with it!
Posted By Nilla On 25-06-2021 | Views: 171,330 Replies: 140
Hi MacNimation,
Thanks for your suggestions. It's not a bad idea, it could work as a product shot tutorial. At the moment, we're making a Rocket League car tutorial in Maya, but maybe after that.
Posted By Nilla On 07-05-2020 | Views: 8,918 Replies: 2
I have never seen anything quite like this and iv'e also been using Maya for a while. The only thing that comes close is last year Maya started doing invisible extrudes, the newley created faces...
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