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Posted By David On 19-08-2022 | Views: 438 Replies: 5

I've upgraded your account it should work fine now please let me know.
All the best
Posted By David On 18-08-2022 | Views: 438 Replies: 5
You should have access to everything, is every download locked or just a few?
Posted By David On 09-06-2022 | Views: 2,079 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
ctbram covered it. Welcome back to you ctbram, long time no see mate.

@sevakvigneshmaya welcome to SimplyMaya
Posted By David On 11-02-2022 | Views: 506 Replies: 0
Although it might be intimidating for new users, the Bezier Curve Tool is one of the fastest ways to create complex curves...
Posted By David On 31-01-2022 | Views: 254 Replies: 0
Need to cut holes in your models hopefully this will get you started
Posted By David On 26-01-2022 | Views: 413 Replies: 0
Posted By David On 02-12-2021 | Views: 6,067 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
sounds like the normal's are flipped Select Mesh Display > Reverse > in the Modeling menu
Posted By David On 01-12-2021 | Views: 2,697 Replies: 2
Forum: Finished Work
Nice work loved seeing the breakdown I liked it it's very cohesive really shows of a lot of different skills.

Nice job.
David :)
Posted By David On 22-11-2021 | Views: 7,593 Replies: 3
it's normal a game developer probably won't be using the fbx rather they will just use that to extract the model out of, I'd say you're not going to get it much smaller than that sir there is a...
Posted By David On 17-11-2021 | Views: 2,260 Replies: 10
It should not be a gpu issue i'm running a 1080 you might be right it might be a Maya LT issue

I would normally ask you to send me the scene file but i can't open Maya LT files here, hopefully...
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