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Posted By honestdom On 14-05-2015 | Views: 1,917 Replies: 3
There might be more support with Arnold. Certainly more documentation at this stage. I'd suggest vray or Arnold over prman.
Posted By honestdom On 04-05-2015 | Views: 19,661 Replies: 45
hey, it's quite difficult to say really if there is no reference to compare thing to. To me it looks like some of the objects are out of proportion.
I'm not really a fan of the lighting either. I...
Posted By honestdom On 24-04-2015 | Views: 19,661 Replies: 45
Hey most of this is looking great! How about working on the lighting? It's quite flat right now.
Posted By honestdom On 15-04-2015 | Views: 19,661 Replies: 45
What scale is everything?
Posted By honestdom On 03-04-2015 | Views: 3,132 Replies: 12
oh really?
Posted By honestdom On 30-03-2015 | Views: 3,132 Replies: 12
it's great! How do you find it?
Posted By honestdom On 03-02-2015 | Views: 15,552 Replies: 4
do an RGB ID/Matte pass.

or maybe output only one channel from the new render layer you made.
Posted By honestdom On 07-01-2015 | Views: 3,116 Replies: 3
Forum: Finished Work
hey I think this needs more model detail. The panel stuff looks like a bump map.
Posted By honestdom On 20-12-2014 | Views: 20,026 Replies: 7
which image type are you rendering?
Posted By honestdom On 17-11-2014 | Views: 7,969 Replies: 7
Forum: Finished Work
hey what you want to try and do is not have any of the creases or lighting baked into the texture. You have a detailed texture on a simple mesh here. I would work on
-some displacement maps (sculpt...
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