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Posted By Dango77 On 13-06-2022 | Views: 2,384 Replies: 4

It sounds like the unit size was different in the program the .fbx file or .obj files were created in, before exporting in the other program set its unit size to cm, and when setting the...
Posted By Dango77 On 20-04-2022 | Views: 4,191 Replies: 4

If you hold down V it does snap to vertex, hold down X does snap to grid line.

Hope that helps.
Posted By Dango77 On 04-02-2021 | Views: 4,965 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling

It looks like you need to add more polygons to the object, you're trying to wrap a flat object around a curved object, so make sure the flat object has the same amount of quads vertically and...
Posted By Dango77 On 27-08-2020 | Views: 26,577 Replies: 8
Looking very nice Nuke, I'll look forward to seeing this progress, nice material textures are hard.

Also nice to see someone posting that I remember from back when I first joined!
Posted By Dango77 On 27-08-2020 | Views: 12,653 Replies: 1
Good Evening, afternoon, morning, whenever you are!

Thought I'd post a link to a Google album of the bike, that includes a couple of turntables, one that fades from AO render to Wireframe, and...
Posted By Dango77 On 28-06-2020 | Views: 12,653 Replies: 1

Been quite a while since I've been on here, was a regular on the site about 10 years ago, just getting back into Maya after 10 years of working as a playground designer for schools, now...
Posted By Dango77 On 08-05-2016 | Views: 75,521 Replies: 237
Just checked out the site, looking great man!
I remember you talking about it several years ago when i used to be a more regular visitor, those were the days.
i'll have to check back in more often...
Posted By Dango77 On 07-04-2016 | Views: 6,597 Replies: 8
Hahaha! I'm just really busy with work, and drawing a comic book series for someone in my spare time, but I've been thinking about it, honest!
I'll definitely get back to it sometime soon though.
Posted By Dango77 On 02-04-2016 | Views: 6,597 Replies: 8
Well done on the job Tweety! I bet it was worth the wait, and much deserved!

Awesome job on the Hulkbuster also, I'll look forward to seeing some full textured renders, when you have the time that...
Posted By Dango77 On 26-10-2012 | Views: 1,264 Replies: 2
I really wanted to have a go at this one but my gfx card has started failing so until I get a replacement no 3d for me.
Sorry guys and gals, I shall stop in to see the results though, good luck to...
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