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Posted By PixalZA On 19-11-2016 | Views: 2,350 Replies: 2
Hi MrCat

You are on the right track but instead of grouping the moon to the earth, first group the moon to itself. Set the pivot point of this "moon group" to be in the centre of the earth. This...
Posted By PixalZA On 12-10-2016 | Views: 8,300 Replies: 5
You have a couple of options. You can go with the use background shader or you can use the mental ray production shaders.

Jay has a tutorial on the usebackground shader
Posted By PixalZA On 12-10-2016 | Views: 8,300 Replies: 5
Hi xgabrielx, which render engine are you using? Shadow passes/catchers are implemented slightly different by the different render engines.
Posted By PixalZA On 03-09-2016 | Views: 3,536 Replies: 5
Forum: Maya Modeling
Have you tried unlocking the normals?
Posted By PixalZA On 30-05-2016 | Views: 1,789 Replies: 1
Are you referring to the Arnold watermark added to the render output?
Posted By PixalZA On 04-03-2016 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 3
Have a look and make sure the AbcImport and AbcExport plugins are loaded.
Posted By PixalZA On 02-03-2016 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 3
Hi, the Maya software renderer can't render the primitives generated by xGen. Switch to mental ray.
Posted By PixalZA On 19-02-2016 | Views: 3,178 Replies: 3
Hi, have a look at the surface normals of the handle. They are most probably reversed. Select the blade and go to Normals->Reverse (Under polygons menu set).
Another quick way to see if normal are...
Posted By PixalZA On 15-02-2016 | Views: 5,391 Replies: 3
Forum: Programming
You have a small typo in the script. Set $onlyFirstObject to $objectsArray[0].
Posted By PixalZA On 11-02-2016 | Views: 2,403 Replies: 2
Hi Sean

I downloaded the files. I opened the scene file ( and apart from frame 0 pointing to a non-existant image, i could not find anything weird about the file.

Your last...
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