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Posted By azimuth On 11-05-2007 | Views: 1,373 Replies: 1
Hello all,

I haven’t done any Maya work in months, but over the last week I have re-installed and realised why I enjoyed it first time round! :attn:

So, with any luck I will have some WIP...
Posted By azimuth On 20-02-2006 | Views: 679 Replies: 4
Ok, seems like you guys are in agreement with the fillet/trim, would that work under the following circumstance.....

I'm looking to extrude the circular edges out from the cut peices so I would...
Posted By azimuth On 20-02-2006 | Views: 679 Replies: 4
As said in the title I have been trying to put togther a model based on the following image

I am finding it very hard to make a decent...
Posted By azimuth On 20-02-2006 | Views: 17,869 Replies: 136
Its looking really nice, I like the cartoony look to the model and especially the surroundings.

I have sent you a quick PM, if you have time I would reeeeaaalllly appreciate your views on the...
Posted By azimuth On 17-02-2006 | Views: 3,953 Replies: 3
You could try left clicking drag and hold to grab a load vertices, but watch that you dont to grab hold of more vertices than you mean too!
Posted By azimuth On 06-10-2005 | Views: 2,548 Replies: 8
Forum: Finished Work
Look out John Connor, the T-1000 ( got an upgrade!

Looks really cool. Would suit some sort of game producers intro on a new game!
Posted By azimuth On 15-09-2005 | Views: 553 Replies: 2
You could use the Poll box at the bottom of the New Thread screen. Click the 'Yes its a poll' box.
Set the number of options, and away you go. I think you get to pick what words come with the option...
Posted By azimuth On 14-09-2005 | Views: 895 Replies: 5
I think I know what you mean, but is there a chance you could post a screen shot?

A small shaded pic and a small wireframe would be cool.

Posted By azimuth On 08-09-2005 | Views: 600 Replies: 2
you might wanna check that the alias service is running (assuming your using a windows box).

First off Task manager should have a process called Wrapper.exe running. If its not running on my...
Posted By azimuth On 07-09-2005 | Views: 616 Replies: 1
Although I am in no way an offical of Simplymaya I have seen loads of WIP posted with PLE, so I'm very sure it would be fine.

Mods feel free to correct if I've got the wrong end of the stick
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