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Posted By persius On 15-01-2022 | Views: 3,221 Replies: 0
I'm currently using Maya 2019 and I've noticed that a Lambert shader is multiplying whenever I apply any shader or texture to my geometry.
I've included two screen shots to illustrate the issue.
Posted By persius On 21-02-2021 | Views: 2,803 Replies: 0
Forum: Maya Modeling
I'm not sure if my question is a modeling or animation based question so I'll just try it here.

I would like to know if there is a way to pose a character model without going all out in rigging...
Posted By persius On 21-10-2017 | Views: 10,636 Replies: 2

Thanks for replying. I finally figured out that the problem is exactly what you described.
It's the small details that cause the most problems.

Thanks again.
Posted By persius On 15-10-2017 | Views: 10,636 Replies: 2

I'm working on my IBL techniques and I've run into a problem which I'm having some issues fixing so I hope somebody will be able to assist.

I've included some images to illustrate what...
Posted By persius On 20-06-2017 | Views: 2,853 Replies: 0
I've recently moved up to Maya 2016 from Maya 2013 and I'm still trying to adjust to some changes.
Currently I'm working on a model where I need to apply a transparency map and I'm having a...
Posted By persius On 27-12-2015 | Views: 3,459 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling

Thanks for the link. I'll be looking at it now.
Posted By persius On 27-12-2015 | Views: 3,459 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
I'm trying to create a different style character with large eyes (as per the image provided). You can clearly see that the eye is relatively flat but when animated, the pupil moves without...
Posted By persius On 28-10-2015 | Views: 2,640 Replies: 4
Unfortunately, that just isn't working. I think I'll just upgrade to Maya 2016

Posted By persius On 27-10-2015 | Views: 2,640 Replies: 4

I recently installed maya 2015 and just yesterday realized that Mental Ray is not loaded into the plugins. I did the usual by configuring the plugin manager but nothing changed. Based on...
Posted By persius On 23-01-2015 | Views: 1,441 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
Hi Genny

Thanks for stopping by and for the answer. It worked.
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