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Posted By WideBoy On 23-02-2007 | Views: 3,671 Replies: 15
Thanks for the help guys.

If i was just a little smarter i would check the script thingy in maya and there it is:
"Warning: Your system does not have hardware accelerated OpenGL, or your driver...
Posted By WideBoy On 22-02-2007 | Views: 3,671 Replies: 15
Hello there.

When i was getting ready to model some more for a BF2 mod i am a part of maya started to act up.

I normaly model with 4 panels for easy access to all vertexes and polys.

Posted By WideBoy On 25-02-2006 | Views: 904 Replies: 2
I exported my mesh from maya as an OBJ.
But when i try to import the mesh in XSI it dosent show up.
Is there anything special i gotha do?
Can you write a little mini tutorial step by step in what...
Posted By WideBoy On 24-02-2006 | Views: 904 Replies: 2
I am so sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums.

I use Maya as my 3D playground and starting to get the feel of it. So now i wanna try to make som models for a map i am making for a game....
Posted By WideBoy On 19-12-2004 | Views: 787 Replies: 2
Hello there champs.
I need help making a horiszon. I dont know if i should use Envfog or any other techninc. I realy have no idea how to pull this off.
The scene is a house standing totaly alone in...
Posted By WideBoy On 01-12-2004 | Views: 599 Replies: 0
I have looked all over the nett.
And i cant use the ones that costs money (WERRY low on cash)
Posted By WideBoy On 23-11-2004 | Views: 1,621 Replies: 5
Thanlks for all ansvers. il search and try what you say. I gotta make it somhow :)

ok i found this one. but i dont know what to change in the atributes: I use particles

create an omni emitter...
Posted By WideBoy On 21-11-2004 | Views: 1,621 Replies: 5
When i look up on the stars i see many and blinking dots, thats what i want in my scene. but i got NO idea how to make it. Help please.
Posted By WideBoy On 21-11-2004 | Views: 1,422 Replies: 2
Thank you. i am trying to make it a... realistic cartoon cabin.
The kind you would see in a Pixar movie.
Posted By WideBoy On 20-11-2004 | Views: 1,422 Replies: 2
I making a log cabin but i got serious problems making the log good looking. any tips? I realy need this. And while i am at this. what is the best way to make a night sky with stars that shines like...
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