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Posted By BillyZ On 21-07-2005 | Views: 1,035 Replies: 5
Lil update, added some props, fixed some proportions, started playing with light.. still need to fix the arms..
Posted By BillyZ On 20-07-2005 | Views: 1,035 Replies: 5
Thanx Shane, I'll give that a tweak.
Posted By BillyZ On 19-07-2005 | Views: 1,035 Replies: 5
Hey Mhcannon, yah I heard that there's something wrong with the arms.. I know that the right has too long of a forearm I reduced that personally I don't see whats wrong with the arm sockets.. can...
Posted By BillyZ On 18-07-2005 | Views: 1,035 Replies: 5
I know I'm almost a month into this contest but I figured I could use what I've been working on for myself in the scene. My scene is derived on the huge amount of homeless people here in Vancouver,...
Posted By BillyZ On 18-07-2005 | Views: 1,030 Replies: 3
Football shaped head, obviously Stewie.
Posted By BillyZ On 04-07-2005 | Views: 37,680 Replies: 282
I have no idea, what I just watched... for 3 mins or so.. is this what you wanna base the movie on?
Posted By BillyZ On 04-07-2005 | Views: 37,680 Replies: 282
I'm still interested, why can't we use this thread to be our "brainstorming meeting place". I'm only speaking for myself, I don't know the others views but I don't see the point of emailing you when...
Posted By BillyZ On 26-06-2005 | Views: 37,680 Replies: 282
I totally agree with Mtmckinley, 3-5min is what we should be aiming for for. Start simple, and if it turns out that the our progress was panominal then maybe the second flick will be twice the...
Posted By BillyZ On 22-06-2005 | Views: 37,680 Replies: 282
Yah setting up a team speak server, or a chat room would be ideal. Where as just random ideas posted on forum, or just thru emails may not be as productive. We should set a time depending on our time...
Posted By BillyZ On 21-06-2005 | Views: 869 Replies: 3
Decided to try some medium-high poly modeling possibly to create as a normal map for a low poly game character. I'm not too sure about muscles and details.. normally I just texture it.. can someone...
Showing results 1 to 10 of 220