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Posted By LocSp On 11-12-2019 | Views: 7,567 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
Hi all,
I am working on a crowd scene and the client sent me a bunch of models with varying proportions and skeletons in slightly different poses. As there are a bunch of these models I would...
Posted By LocSp On 02-12-2017 | Views: 9,224 Replies: 0
I would like to find an efficient and stable way to simulate the crystals hanging from the chandelier. I did a search and found that i could do the simulation if i used ncloth strips to represent...
Posted By LocSp On 16-06-2014 | Views: 1,424 Replies: 0
i have this four picture and i'm supposed to create a projection scene so i can drive a car on the road in front. Does anybody have an idea how i could do this in maya?



Posted By LocSp On 11-05-2012 | Views: 2,501 Replies: 1
Hey guys, i've been using mental ray's ambient occlusion for a while but never got around to figuring out how to contol it globally, i just turn it on and that's it. I never could find the global...
Posted By LocSp On 12-03-2012 | Views: 6,332 Replies: 8
Normals are fine, that was the first thing i checked. I also turned up the resolution of the polys but still, nothing.
Posted By LocSp On 12-03-2012 | Views: 6,332 Replies: 8
i still get the same results, i used the mia material x and an area light. am starting to think it's a bug cuz i reset both the render attributes and material attributes, i turned up both...
Posted By LocSp On 09-03-2012 | Views: 6,332 Replies: 8
i've used the mia material and turned up the the raytrace settings to 25 refractions and 5 reflections, and that's what you saw, but am gonna change the light and the material to mia material x and...
Posted By LocSp On 09-03-2012 | Views: 6,332 Replies: 8
this is the render view
this is the persperctive view
this is a render with the background as you can see the glass particles refract a solid color
here, is a render...
Posted By LocSp On 07-03-2012 | Views: 6,332 Replies: 8
Hey guys, i've got a scene with pieces of glass in it. The scene has a sphere with an environment texture for raytraced reflections, also there a background plane with a texture so the pieces of...
Posted By LocSp On 28-01-2012 | Views: 3,667 Replies: 6
The third one works fine.
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