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Posted By rrduncan On 21-05-2008 | Views: 913 Replies: 0
Trying to follow tutorial in book on modeling and rigging frog. Trying to make auxiliary joints to control the other joints but when I open the connection editor, it's empty.:confused:
Posted By rrduncan On 21-04-2008 | Views: 1,101 Replies: 3
When I rotate my object it stretches and gets distorted. :shakehead
Posted By rrduncan On 17-04-2008 | Views: 4,140 Replies: 2
I already figured it out, but thanks. I used a nurbs curve and extruded a circle along it.:)
Posted By rrduncan On 30-03-2008 | Views: 4,140 Replies: 2
How would you model a knot in maya?
Posted By rrduncan On 31-12-2007 | Views: 1,256 Replies: 0
I can't go into object mode. When I try to an error message appears in the script editor. It says

Error: Line 1.44: Invalid redeclaration of variable "$selection" as a different type.

Posted By rrduncan On 28-11-2007 | Views: 20,851 Replies: 2
Please tell me there is a way to fix this problem. I am freaking out. I cant move my model. The manipulator is grayed out. What the heck?
Posted By rrduncan On 27-11-2007 | Views: 1,011 Replies: 4
still not there, didn't delete history
Posted By rrduncan On 23-11-2007 | Views: 1,011 Replies: 4
in the channel box, the inputs aren't there. I made a cylinder and want to make it have more sides. It only says SHAPES and pCylinderShape2, nothing else. Where are the inputs?:headbang:
Posted By rrduncan On 15-11-2007 | Views: 1,272 Replies: 1
I'm suddenly having something odd happen when I duplicate an object. I push duplicate and pull the duplicate away from the original but the duplicate copy in shaded mode is dark blue for some...
Posted By rrduncan On 16-07-2007 | Views: 765 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to convert from subdivision to low polygon. I can't ever remember. When I click modify convert to polygon it's to high. Can anyone help me?
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