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Posted By husbyhogan On 06-03-2016 | Views: 2,578 Replies: 1
Normally you would go then with a layered shader. Here you can add different Shaders over each other. But you have to make sure, that the layers don't cover each other up.
Maya has now also a new...
Posted By husbyhogan On 13-01-2016 | Views: 3,302 Replies: 5
There are ways to come to the UV's. Easiest way is simply to mark the object and open the UV editor. You see an arrangement of the UV's and faces but may be over laid. A better way is to us a type of...
Posted By husbyhogan On 12-01-2016 | Views: 3,302 Replies: 5
I guess you are doing automatic projection for the UV's?
It might work different in the tutorial because of a different way of projection, so you might get a different arrangement of the UVs and...
Posted By husbyhogan On 11-01-2016 | Views: 4,171 Replies: 1
Hello, try to do this way:
1. Mark all items you want to render in AO
2. Go under Chanelbox/Layer Editor and click on "Render Layer"
3. Under Render Layer you click the right Icon "Take the...
Posted By husbyhogan On 11-01-2016 | Views: 3,302 Replies: 5
First of all for the basics, with move and sew you join the edges which belong to the same UV's. It can be that the UV edges are on different locations in the UV editor but at the object its...
Posted By husbyhogan On 06-01-2016 | Views: 3,210 Replies: 5
Forum: Animation
Check out also a video from models catwalk, it gives some good examples.
I think the shoulders should move together with the arms and also the hip movement can still be stronger. If you look at the...
Posted By husbyhogan On 04-01-2016 | Views: 2,829 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
I would guess that it is also because of the double/triple lines crossing through the circles.
The geometry develops n-gons which will always give problems.
What are you trying to achieve? Is there...
Posted By husbyhogan On 30-12-2015 | Views: 2,244 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling
Hi gothtini,
well explained. It would be good to see the mesh together with the shader to recommend a solution.
So far of course you can try to bevel the upper edge with the command "bevel" under...
Posted By husbyhogan On 27-12-2015 | Views: 3,955 Replies: 14
Hahaha! Simple cause for complicated issue. Finally wrong UV map match ;-)
Posted By husbyhogan On 26-12-2015 | Views: 3,955 Replies: 14
Can you try to export on the other computer as obj and then attach the texture once more?
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