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Posted By BennyK On 16-07-2012 | Views: 2,480 Replies: 2
I want to calculate the trajectory.
I'm thinking I should write some script that determines real-time the particle's location in the following frame, depending on some known variables.
This will...
Posted By BennyK On 16-07-2012 | Views: 2,480 Replies: 2
I'd like to create an animation of a particle's scattering from a certain potential.
In 2D it may look like this:...
Posted By BennyK On 05-05-2012 | Views: 1,405 Replies: 5
I didn't imagine spherical harmonics to be casual reading.
It's just that, someone had to know these things to develop Maya and other programs in the first place. I wanted to see how common it is.....
Posted By BennyK On 04-05-2012 | Views: 1,405 Replies: 5
I've been away for a while, mainly studying for a physics B.Sc.
While looking at some of the more impressive and somewhat beautiful mathematics I now need to deal with, I stumbled across some...
Posted By BennyK On 12-05-2010 | Views: 1,046 Replies: 2
check the normal perhaps? make sure they're pointing outwards. and make sure all UVs are mapped correctly within the (0,0) to (1,1) limit.
Posted By BennyK On 04-02-2010 | Views: 4,025 Replies: 2
That question is much too general... You'll need to have a specific piece of armor in mind. Even if you want to create a full character - big projects start small :)

After that was said, modeling...
Posted By BennyK On 19-01-2010 | Views: 7,716 Replies: 6
Forum: Maya Modeling
I think it should be possible to apply the function for each of the selected edges with a relatively simple script... not sure exactly how to build it though... Found this after a quick search:
Posted By BennyK On 19-12-2009 | Views: 12,662 Replies: 3

Last two posts may help you. This is Maya 8.5 but it shouldn't have changed much
Posted By BennyK On 21-10-2009 | Views: 4,511 Replies: 42
Much better! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out :)
Posted By BennyK On 19-10-2009 | Views: 4,511 Replies: 42
To elaborate Tweetytunes's complaint:
A hero is a person with common human characteristics, but these characteristics must stand out to in order to distinguish him/her from a regular person....
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