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Posted By gster123 On 17-01-2012 | Views: 28,901 Replies: 22
Sneaks in:

I must say, some great work going on!

Sneaks back out like a ninja
Posted By gster123 On 18-11-2011 | Views: 1,795 Replies: 3
That is a nice way of doing that! Nice find.

You prabably would not want to use fluids for a fluid (liquid interacting with air) anyway, it's not made for that, more single fluid interactions...
Posted By gster123 On 14-11-2011 | Views: 12,716 Replies: 20
Not really that bothered with the quality to be honest, more of an excercise in making the thing and getting it working. If I wanted a high end result of a 3D model I would use one of the commercial...
Posted By gster123 On 12-11-2011 | Views: 12,716 Replies: 20
Might have a go at the Reprap, I could get the bits made at work off, be a nice project me thinks.
Posted By gster123 On 11-11-2011 | Views: 12,716 Replies: 20
3D printing has been arround for ages to be honest.

We have quite a few bits of kit here. Water cutter, laser cutter and 2 3D printers, all good stuff for engineering and product design,...
Posted By gster123 On 01-11-2011 | Views: 4,136 Replies: 12
Hey Mate,

Hows things?

Like the idea and the plan, looking forward to seeing it all going with the dynamics applied!
Posted By gster123 On 01-11-2011 | Views: 2,780 Replies: 6
Looking like a strangly mutated Ewok!

The thing that pops out to me straight off is that his pose is worng. He is bolt upright and looks like he would topple over. I would have a look at bigger...
Posted By gster123 On 22-10-2011 | Views: 124,023 Replies: 17
There is one thing that I have noticed in the labs here at work. If you open a file by double clicking in say windows explorer, which then open maya and then the file it will not render (Maya 2012)....
Posted By gster123 On 23-09-2011 | Views: 3,439 Replies: 6
Forum: Finished Work
Cheers guys,

nope its probably goign to sit on my HDD for a while! I might post it up as a resource if any one wants it.


Posted By gster123 On 16-09-2011 | Views: 3,439 Replies: 6
Forum: Finished Work
Hi All,

Quite a long time with no post!

Just a quick model that I produced of a wooden rowing boat, if was for an "extra" in a short film but never got used fully.


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