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Posted By junkyBob On 11-09-2016 | Views: 1,453 Replies: 0
Well, it has been a very long time since I have posted at here simplymaya, but I have come back to start asking some questions, starting with this one below.

I have modeled a single piece of train...
Posted By junkyBob On 06-05-2012 | Views: 2,504 Replies: 0
Forum: Programming
Today I have discovered something very odd, while using Maya's python scripting language. As I was trying to run a script, I noticed that I did not recieve an error stating that a variable was not...
Posted By junkyBob On 13-04-2012 | Views: 4,276 Replies: 3
Hio gubar,
While searching for linear lighting, I did come across a tuturial about global illumination and final gather. This made me realize that I did not need a surface shader and a emit photon...
Posted By junkyBob On 09-04-2012 | Views: 4,276 Replies: 3
here is a WIP, showing you I have no clue what I am doing

The scene units I am using is 1 unit = 1 foot, and my refrigerator is 3 units wide by 3 units depth by 6 units high, along with 2...
Posted By junkyBob On 09-04-2012 | Views: 4,276 Replies: 3
Hi there, it has been awile since I have been here, but I am hoping this time I will be having more time to spend here. To start with, I need to ask a question. I am designing low poly shopping mart...
Posted By junkyBob On 23-11-2010 | Views: 5,619 Replies: 2
It has been awile since Iast visited, but I have question. I know it is possible to select the faces of an object that are assigned to a shader group in the hypershade window, but how do you do...
Posted By junkyBob On 04-08-2009 | Views: 1,133 Replies: 2
Wow, I am glad to here that. Thanks
Posted By junkyBob On 04-08-2009 | Views: 3,151 Replies: 3
With your image reference, did you create a camera image plane, or did you map your image reference onto a polygonal plane? Eventhough I never used the Create Polygon Tool, what I do, and...
Posted By junkyBob On 04-08-2009 | Views: 1,644 Replies: 9
There isn't really any correct way of modeling as oppose to efficiency. Whatever tools you decide to use is a personnal opinion. For instance, many people say you should refrain from using...
Posted By junkyBob On 02-08-2009 | Views: 1,644 Replies: 9
Thank you for the comment.


I would not even worry about smoothing the model until the basic shape and windows are created. This is where step 2 in my previous post applies. Your problem...
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