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Posted By fredriksson On 12-07-2004 | Views: 3,007 Replies: 37
'Shortness' I find to be very much in the proportions of head contra body, small head feels like a tall character, larger head feels shorter. my $.02
Posted By fredriksson On 12-07-2004 | Views: 3,800 Replies: 57
Looks great.
A few tips:
Do the wire and smooth shaded in hardware (for example in a playblast at double res) then comp it. Also make sure the place3d nodes are parented to the object if it moves.
Posted By fredriksson On 11-07-2004 | Views: 1,686 Replies: 19
Most likely modeled one section and duplicated+rotated. At least thats how he described it in another thread. Very nice as always Brian. Like the conv. idea. It looks like there is about 1/2" of...
Posted By fredriksson On 24-05-2004 | Views: 2,380 Replies: 29
You know what I think K-man.
Posted By fredriksson On 23-05-2004 | Views: 1,210 Replies: 14
Far Cry is great, up until the last level...
Posted By fredriksson On 20-05-2004 | Views: 2,370 Replies: 10
I'd wager a guess here, it probably throws a memory exception during render startup. Try rendering from the commandline:
render -s 0 -e 0 -im <image> <filename>

or just hit
and it will...
Posted By fredriksson On 03-05-2004 | Views: 1,639 Replies: 7
NitroLiq, there's a "disable smileys in this post" tickbox in the post reply page. :)
Posted By fredriksson On 08-04-2004 | Views: 29,687 Replies: 247
Coolness, it looks like something straight out of a Sony ad.
Posted By fredriksson On 08-04-2004 | Views: 1,664 Replies: 11
Forum: Maya Modeling
You can try turning on 'pre filtering' on the file texture. That will blur the image slightly making it more smooth.

BTW: To get another image into a thread, hit the 'post reply' button rather...
Posted By fredriksson On 08-04-2004 | Views: 42,326 Replies: 15
Both TGA and TIFF are lossless, that is they should look identical in quality unless something is wrong. TGA alpha support was broken in Photoshop 7, but was later fixed in a patch. Use whatever...
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