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Posted By Hanuman On 02-03-2005 | Views: 785 Replies: 2
Depends on the quality of the render that you need, but there are plenty of images for textures available of the net - just do a google search. Many of them are free - some, the more professional...
Posted By Hanuman On 02-03-2005 | Views: 646 Replies: 2
The format for the icons in the shelf are 32x32 pixel BMP. You can create these in any program, like Microsoft Paint even.

Hope this helps.

n case you have the Maya Fundamentals book, there is...
Posted By Hanuman On 25-02-2005 | Views: 1,873 Replies: 1
Hi all,

For those interested, I found out a way to work around this bug - at least I guess it's a bug: In the hypershade Materials Tab, select lightFog1 and click the Input Connections, and...
Posted By Hanuman On 23-02-2005 | Views: 1,873 Replies: 1
When I map Environment Fog in the Render Global Settings, Render Options, Post Processing tab, and then Break Connection, the fog still renders!

If I then delete the envFogMaterial from the...
Posted By Hanuman On 03-06-2004 | Views: 863 Replies: 2
thank you for the help - much appreciated!
Posted By Hanuman On 03-06-2004 | Views: 710 Replies: 4
if you want give me an email id, i don't mind sending you the tutorial that was on the alias site.
Posted By Hanuman On 02-06-2004 | Views: 863 Replies: 2
completed the Candle Flame tutorial from the ****** Workshop site, and have difficulty with the following instruction:

"You will want the point light to move around with the flame, so connect the...
Posted By Hanuman On 01-06-2004 | Views: 1,879 Replies: 3
using the following expression it works for me:
file1.frameExtension=frame (if you have Maya 6 then you don't have to wirte an expression, it is done by default)
where your file sequence should...
Posted By Hanuman On 31-05-2004 | Views: 794 Replies: 2
unlike the default Lambert1, you cannot make a new ShaderGlow node. The ShaderGlow1 node controls the attributes for all your post rendering glows - you can make adjustments to its attributes, but...
Posted By Hanuman On 26-05-2004 | Views: 1,638 Replies: 3
Here is an excerpt from Learning Maya 5 - Dynamics:

Maya provides two types of rendering for particles: software and hardware.

Hardware rendering uses the graphics buffer and graphics memory of...
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