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Posted By Juanpax On 07-09-2016 | Views: 11,730 Replies: 21
Great job mate keep it up.:beer:
Posted By Juanpax On 08-06-2016 | Views: 33,275 Replies: 28
This is very nice. Rendering takes a lot of time to learn and it is very technical. I love this renders a lot mate.
Posted By Juanpax On 18-05-2016 | Views: 65,834 Replies: 63
Looks really nice mate!! can't wait to try this with my characters. This is motivation for sure. :beer:
Posted By Juanpax On 30-04-2016 | Views: 11,730 Replies: 21
Posted By Juanpax On 19-04-2016 | Views: 6,777 Replies: 8
Great job mate!!! and congrats on your 3d job well deserved.:beer:
Posted By Juanpax On 01-04-2016 | Views: 65,834 Replies: 63
Good luck with that mate. can't wait for the final result. :beer:
Posted By Juanpax On 09-12-2015 | Views: 1,745 Replies: 1
You probably have a lot of Ngons (Multi-Sided Polygons). Can you show your wire frame?
Posted By Juanpax On 03-12-2015 | Views: 8,540 Replies: 12
love it mate!!!! i would love to see it.
Posted By Juanpax On 29-10-2015 | Views: 4,964 Replies: 4
Use Planar Mapping, or Automatic Mapping.
Also don't unfold the UVs because maya will try to smooth them that's why you get that effect.
Posted By Juanpax On 26-09-2015 | Views: 4,103 Replies: 2
In the "Attribute editor" go to "Render Stats" and verify if you have double sided "unchecked" if you do, selected and try to render again.

I am not sure if this can fix the problem but try it.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 157