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Posted By yingying On 23-02-2005 | Views: 22,537 Replies: 4
Thank you for answering :)
I know in Maya it works fine, but actually I'm trying to make a Sims 2 (a game, in case you don't know) object. The object showed in the picture is extracted from the...
Posted By yingying On 23-02-2005 | Views: 22,537 Replies: 4
Here is a picture that might explain my question. It's part of a flower vase. I just want to know how to get that effect? When I build a plane, It only has normals pointing from one side, not both. I...
Posted By yingying On 31-01-2005 | Views: 883 Replies: 1
Hi there, I am working with some game design projects. The 3D files required in my game is .obj. I don't know how to export my works in Maya into .obj. Can someone help? Many thanks!
Posted By yingying On 04-01-2005 | Views: 2,369 Replies: 4
Thank you for the suggestion! I will check that book :)
I really feel helpless on UV mapping. For all the books I read, there are just a paragraph or two mentioning it, without any details. I don't...
Posted By yingying On 01-01-2005 | Views: 2,369 Replies: 4
After reading 4 maya reference and fundamental books, I think I have enough of modeling at this point. While each book has a brief chapter of texturing, they are less detailed and not very helpful....
Posted By yingying On 03-12-2004 | Views: 1,761 Replies: 9
How about cut this curve into four part, and use Surfaces -> Birail 2 tool to build a nurb face?
Posted By yingying On 01-12-2004 | Views: 6,556 Replies: 2
Thanks! But in my Maya6, there is no import option under Files? Also for the helps, when I click Maya help (F1), it leads me to http://localhost:4444/Maya6.0/en_US/index.html which shows page cannot...
Posted By yingying On 30-11-2004 | Views: 6,556 Replies: 2
I'm planning to make several internal design scenes. I made a vase and saved it as, since I may use it in different scenes and don't want to model it repeatly every time. Just want to know...
Posted By yingying On 24-11-2004 | Views: 1,290 Replies: 6
Could that because some of your faces are pointed in while others are out? Have you done the polygon cleanup before your conversion?
Posted By yingying On 24-11-2004 | Views: 1,317 Replies: 8
Thanks again Alan! You are so helpful :D Greatly appreciate it!
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