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Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 02-06-2017 | Views: 4,303 Replies: 1
Forum: Animation
Hi all.
Any help regarding this?
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 10-03-2017 | Views: 4,303 Replies: 1
Forum: Animation
Hi all!
I’m struggling with connections in the Connection Editor.
I’ve got a facial MoCap file which I would like to connect to the blendshapes of my model.
When I select the ‘Head’ locator...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 28-11-2014 | Views: 1,909 Replies: 0
I'm looking for the PoseDeformer plugin for Maya 2010 - MAC version


I checked the plug-in creators website, but... there is no 2010 version on MAC:...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 17-06-2014 | Views: 1,823 Replies: 2
Working with an extra layer and disabling the shadows for that layer works! Pretty cool. Didn't know that you could do that! Thx, mate.

Still, to get smarter, any feedback on how to add that extra...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 16-06-2014 | Views: 1,823 Replies: 2
Hi there!

I'm using 'command line rendering' to render my scenes in the Terminal (OSX):

I use the basic command so the scene will use the settings from the file itself:
Render -r mr...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 09-09-2013 | Views: 5,676 Replies: 9
Thx for the feedback!
But no, I don't use the Terminal...
I've installed Deadline, and batch renderings without problems. I'm very happy with this tool.
Deadline is free for 2 'slaves', so I will...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 03-09-2013 | Views: 5,676 Replies: 9
Did I mention that I'm on Mac...
I googled a lot of things already... It will be a daunting task, that's for sure.
Found also Deadline from Thinkbox and requested a demo version.

I hope someone...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 03-09-2013 | Views: 5,676 Replies: 9
Thx for the input!
I've looked for info about Backburner.
88 pages manual, tutorial on, scripting, set-up...
Whohoho! :help:
I cannot believe mankind landed on the moon more than 40...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 02-09-2013 | Views: 5,676 Replies: 9
I'm fairly new to Maya end work mostly with Maya 2012 (and 2014) and would like to render my scenes and images at night when I'm not at the office and my machine is unused.

I have read about...
Posted By Luc.Adriaens On 27-08-2013 | Views: 5,081 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
The problem is solved by creating a "Character Animation Set" where you can include all keyable attributes. And this is what I needed.
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