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Posted By jsprogg On 11-10-2021 | Views: 5,649 Replies: 2
Okay I am assuming you know what vertices or vertex (points where the edges come together and join) are.

Using your thumbnail image above i will attempt to explain each image from left to right ....
Posted By jsprogg On 07-10-2021 | Views: 3,285 Replies: 1
Hi, Technically you could skin without UV mapping but i would recommend that you do create the map first for a number of reasons. It's just easier if you want to see stretching to have a texture...
Posted By jsprogg On 04-04-2020 | Views: 8,136 Replies: 1
1 First make sure you are on the shelf that you want to copy to. 2 copy the script below to your shelf by opening the script editor at the bottom right of your scene (if it's not empty click...
Posted By jsprogg On 11-04-2019 | Views: 3,128 Replies: 2
There are a few ways to achieve this ,but i would use the Multi Cut Tool on the cylinder in an orthographic view. Select the multi cut tool from modeling toolkit ,hold down shift and click to the...
Posted By jsprogg On 18-03-2017 | Views: 5,924 Replies: 16
Thank you Dave.
Posted By jsprogg On 18-03-2017 | Views: 5,924 Replies: 16
Hi Dave , loving the new site but am i to understand that lifetime members can download stuff but not watch it online ?
BTW i am listed as a regular member and not a lifetime , is that how it should...
Posted By jsprogg On 11-01-2016 | Views: 5,689 Replies: 17
No sure i understand your post since you seem to be confusing CPU with GPU.
I have an NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics card (GPU) currently $499 at and £710 on which would take a...
Posted By jsprogg On 05-01-2016 | Views: 5,689 Replies: 17
Boxx are great but in all honesty you can build a system with the equivalent components quite a bit cheaper. Maingear also let you custom build and not as costly as Boxx but again still cheaper to...
Posted By jsprogg On 23-08-2015 | Views: 1,839 Replies: 6
Welcome. please don't be shy to ask if you any have questions, the community here is very friendly and willing to help.
Good luck with your studies and hope to see you around.
Posted By jsprogg On 20-08-2015 | Views: 3,354 Replies: 5
No problem , unless your going to be creating a really huge heavy scene you are most likely best off just to put stuff on a layer and hide it and only have what you need to see showing while modeling...
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