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Posted By BldRnr On 29-10-2019 | Views: 15,366 Replies: 0
Hello everyone, I am trying to use Maya Composite , but can't find how to launch it in Maya??
Posted By BldRnr On 16-02-2017 | Views: 18,136 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
have you tried just typing in the values instead of using the slider. Maya often always values to be typed in;.
Posted By BldRnr On 06-05-2015 | Views: 2,806 Replies: 2
That sounds great Dave. I love your tutorials, you have a very clear and concise way of teaching, so it becomes much easier to digest all the tech.
Mental Ray is such a beast to tame, but it comes...
Posted By BldRnr On 01-05-2015 | Views: 2,806 Replies: 2
Hello I was hoping to get an idea when you will be releasing part three of the Exterior House tutorials?

I believe this is the texturing and lighting part.


Alan Wilson
Posted By BldRnr On 15-10-2014 | Views: 199,864 Replies: 140
They are used in production, from ILM to Blur etc.

Sony Images has just hired my good friend as a Character TD who has written his own code to speed up the process for rigging biped and...
Posted By BldRnr On 22-12-2013 | Views: 4,578 Replies: 2
I know it was posted along time ago but many might like to try this one for eyelashes.

Also the Maya Hair tutorial here at DT has a technique that can be devised to make eye brows and eye lashes
Posted By BldRnr On 12-11-2013 | Views: 7,899 Replies: 27
Ok to save everyone some time it is a bug. I did some QA work on it and the bug is fixed in 2014. Not sure about 2013 due to the fact I don't have access to that version.

But you don't have to go...
Posted By BldRnr On 22-09-2013 | Views: 14,273 Replies: 3
Try and reset your prefs file.

It looks like it might be in there.

Rename your prefs file by going to C:User\Documents\maya\prefs rename the prefs foler to OLDprefers
for safe keeping....
Posted By BldRnr On 22-09-2013 | Views: 10,489 Replies: 19
Thanks Emerson, for the background info.

However I have already fixed the gamma issue.
Posted By BldRnr On 21-07-2013 | Views: 5,006 Replies: 9
This is the UI that is at the top of your viewport. The Main Tool Bar , File,Edit,Modify etc etc across the top. This is called the Main Tool Bar , when you click on any of the headings like Create...
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