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hey guys, I've decided to join in the fun as well .

Let's see, for a spotlight, you attach the color to a water map, edit it as you like and then for the expression (for your new water1 texture):

water1.waveTime = time*0.2 and
water1.waveVelocity = (cos(time)+1)/2

If you put a nice fog to it, and color the water map right, you could have a cool spotlight for underwater (works very well with 's fog light,) or the illusion of the sunlight going trough the leaves of trees when you move under them.

water1.waveTime = time*0.2 makes sure the wave texture 'moves' to the left ( because it's endless ), and
water1.waveVelocity = (cos(time)+1)/2 makes sure the number stays between the 0 and 1, so that when spotlighted, it increases and decreases, just as if waves take away some sunlight . I hope I helped! :bgreen:
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