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Viewport Problem

Using Maya UNL on a Sony Laptop, (not the greatest platform, but for the most part, it does the job). When Maya's first opened, (usually in persp view) it works great! Smooth panning, tumbling, etc. However, the second the viewport is changed (i.e. spacebar to quad-view, or any of the viewport buttons in the toolbox), all of a sudden, it's like I'm trying to run Maya on an old 386. It seriously takes up to two seconds to update the view while tumbling, panning, whatever. Nothing I've tried (sans restarting) fixes the problem. I've read through all the posts here, and found that viewport problems are usually vid card related, but the laptop has an ATI (7000, I think), so I'm not sure if that's related or not. I know the 7000 isn't exactly a buff enough card to be running Maya, but, as I mentioned, it works great at first. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.