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maya shuts down when creating textures in the hypershade (explorerslice.dll error?)

hello everyone.

whenever i try open up the hypershade and try to create a texture, the system hangs for a moment and then i get a program error that causes windows to have to shut down Maya. apparently, the file that caused the error is explorerslice.dll . what's even weirder is once i uninstall maya and reinstall it, everything runs fine (and i can create textures again) until i close Maya and run it again.

i tested this by trying to create a texture or bump map from a file. true enough i got the error. i uninstalled, then reinstalled and it worked fine. i closed maya and opened it again. i tried to create a fractal texture. error. same uninstall reinstall procedure. it worked. i closed maya and ran it again only to find the same error.

this never used to happen. it happened once when i installed maya to a new partition on my hard disk and continued to happen every time after. i reformatted another partition and reinstalled windows and maya onto it but still the problem occurs.

i'd appreciate any help you could give me. having to uninstall and reinstall everytime i want to create textures from image files is very very inconvenient.

thanks! user added image