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# 3 18-04-2004 , 03:37 AM
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yup i've tried installing the newest video drivers. the thing is, this never used to happen, even with my current hardware. it started happening one day, and now, even after reformatting my hard disk, it keeps happening.

i reformatted my hard disk yesterday, reinstalled windows xp, the video driver, and maya, and everything worked fine. i restarted a few times and re-ran maya and everything worked ok. after leaving the pc on overnight (to finish a download), i ran maya this morning and once again, the problem occured.

i have no idea where this problem lies, but windows says it's in explorerslice.dll . but i'm still not sure how to fix it because i worked with maya on this same hardware and OS for around 3 months before and this never happened. user added image but now it is..