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simulating a strip of film

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I have a problem that I am hoping someone will be able to assist in a handling. I have modeled a figure eight and have extruded it. I would like to render the scene with a previously renedered sequence rolling along the contours of the extrusion. Has anyone learned how to display a series of images as a linear display instead of sequentially. I know how to place a movie on an image plane. How would present the sequence as though it were unfolding, as it were, across a string of image planes. I hope I am making myself clear. I also would like to deform the resulting images to fit the extrusion. In essence, I would like to picture the entire previously rendered scene as though one could view the sequence from start to finish along the contours of the figure eight. Again, any help would be most welcome. Thanks!user added image