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Cartoon Dog Help plz, booleans Nurbs>Polygons quads help (not disappearing)

modeled the nurbs section with ease, no issues, however when it comes to he booleans part...
was able to keep all quads with the head/neck/body

however, when it comes time for the leg to boolean to body, the polys go from 3, 4 and 5's... spent hours trying to play around, seriously... lol frustration....

wondering if there is a way, when modeling to plan in advance for the booleans operation, so the geometry will line up more agreeable, and have less Merging of vertices/edges to delete/polys to split

SAVED the work in increments, so can go back at many points, have tried going to the head/neck/body section many times to Boolean the arm to body, same results.... even tried restructuring the nurbs arm alone before nurbs>polys

guessing there is not too much pre-planning you can do....what about "punching a hole" like was done for 2nd leg... way to prepare for that?
(didn't try that yet,,, because wanted to be able to do booleans on 1st)

** in addition.. is there a average POLY COUNT this model should have/// which the finished one Kurt modeled had?** ask this because, with enough "splitting of polys" am sure could fix this issue, but his went so smooth,(sees how to construct quads easy) and i want to get used to keep the POLY COUNT as low as possible

thank you, this has been a very fun/educating tutorial so far... right now though having trouble moving forward