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If you want you could always post the scene file and I can try to prepare it for you to be used in Poser.

What you have here as a problem is a hole issue actually. Poser recognises triangles and quads. but rarely bothers to convert an n-sided polygon to a suitable one...

In your case you have a serious N-sided.

If you just go to Polygons/quadrangulate you will not get an extremed result. Because it will just see the surface as a hole and not a face that needs to quadrangulate. And you have already selected a face and extruded it, so your sides are all quades. For short no matter how many times you press quadrangulate it you are going to get the same darned result! It will be the exat same thing as you have exported earlier to poser.

Try this out; it will help you grasp what I am talking about a bit better:
  • Select the dragon face.. the one on at the top.. or at the bottom aswell.. don't know if you have it on both sides.
  • go to edit polygons/Subdivide or poke faces

Your going to notice that your object has gone literally bezerk! It has an edge running out of every corner to the center of the whole face.

This is sort of a bug, or naa better said a disadvantage of the polygon tool. and extruding a face from it. Soemtimes deleting the history actually helps. but not in most cases.

WHAT you can do is to just grab the split polygon tool and go in there and manually split the surface into decent proportions so you have less streched and bent regions.

Poser is actually importing the mesh correctly.. it is just not as capable to recognise what it has imported. One OTHER option is to try out polytrans if you could afford it. It is a really impressive software in conversions and has proven useful in situations such.

I hope this helps out. If nothing works just post it or send it to me. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to fix if I am right.