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2 questions-

The software I use mainly is Adobe stuff and Maya (did not use Maya for a while). I will start using Maya again hence this post.

I have 2 computers.

Computer 1 (desktop)- CPU- AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67 GHZ)
Video Card- GeForceTi 4600 (128Mb)
RAM- Total 3 SLots- (1x256) (1x512) (1x512) = 1256Mb

Computer 2 (laptop) Dell Precision M60

CPU- Centrino 1.6GHZ
Video Card- Quadro FX Go 700 (128Mb)
RAM- Total 2 slots- (1x512Mb) 1 slot free
(HD-7200 rpm)


What can I do to both systems to upgrade a bit? Is it worth putting a new 256Mb video card in Computer 1?
I guess on the Dell laptop I can put anoter 1x1GB RAM stick. Anyway currently I am using the Desktop more than the Dell laptop.

I will be using Maya more so keeping that in mind I guess The laptop will be better to work on...right?
OR if I put a latest GeForce card on desktop 1 plus replace the 256Mb RAM in one of the slots with a 512Mb or 1GB stick then it might be better?

What route would you take? I am not rich but not poor either. What would be the most sensible bang for the money route that will be benefitial for Maya?


Question 2-

I have both computers connected by a cross over cable. Can I use both computers for network rendering? How?

Any advice will be helpfull. I was thinking of buying a new desktop but I want to delay for the mid term future. As I think I have descent-ish machines for now.