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here's a the body, pretty much finished. i decided to try to model the thigh and attach it to the body for practice. the lower leg i plan to texture as a boot since i plan to instead have this guy wearing some sort of a body suit with some loose garments over it.

here's a shot of the body, in sub-d's:
user added image

and a shot of the back, also in sub-d's:
user added image

as i've posted here before, working with this guy in sub-d form really is a pain (my pc starts to run real slow). so i plan to optimize him for a game model. how do i do this? right now, he's pushing around 11000 tri's, which is way over the limit.

btw, would kurt's frog texturing tutorial be appropriate for learning to properly texture this guy, given that he's composed of so many polys? user added image