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Originally posted by mtmckinley
glad you like it guys.

BTW, DrMayanstein, maybe the Mac version has Quicktime, but my PC version doesn't, so can't comment on how well the quicktime output is. I do know that the .avi output is crap.
i don't seem to be having a problem with avi
i just finished the fire ring tutorial and then added a spin to it by adding a camera that would fly into the ring
came out ok for my first hand at it. i rendered the avi with a setting of production quality after that i imported it into my wave video software and changed it to an mpeg2 looks good it does need tweeking but am happy with results.
One note tho in creating the movie next time i will definately remember that 30 frames a second rule and that is allow the viewer time to take in what is being shown i didnt the first time and the scene was over tooooo fast.
TY izzy i believe for the fire ring tut. and you too Mt. for the movie tut.
p.s. i will try to make a small version of the movie in real player producer to give you a taste of what i am doing altho quality may diminish greatly. Question if its small enuf can i post it in WIP????
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