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Cool stuff

Wow!! Those are really cool.

I've got some more nurbs and polys questions.
Do you know of any tutorials that demonstrate how to create a model as complex as the examples listed? I would like to see how a model is built with nurbs to compare the process to polys and SubD.

I have watched the Cartoon Dog video a few times to get a basic understanding of the process to create a model with nurbs as a starting point. But I'm not sure how the complex shapes are achieved striclty with nurbs. The examples you posted are rather complex.

Are nurbs are a a better choice for modeling if the intended use of the model is for print illustration and not animation? With advertising illustration deadlines as tight as they are I am lookiing for the most eficient process to build a model. In your opinion do you think it is easier to create the models you listed with nurbs or with polygons?

What are the pros and cons of modeling with nurbs or polygons?


Originally posted by mhcannon

These are sample NURBS found through a google image search. Hope this gives you some idea of the level of detail that can be achieved.

On the first URL, note the heavy lines where the borders of the each NURBS patch is, and you might see why it could be difficult to animate.