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Default Emit More Particles as the emitter goes faster

here is the fairly advance trick you may find usefull ....Maya does not let u ...vary emission rates with velocity but this will allow such an effect

Create an Sphere and add expression to its Translation X attribute

tx = sin(time*3);

this will make the sphere oscillate back n forth along x smoothly

- with the ball selected, choose Surface emitter type, setting the rate (Particles/sec) to 2000
and turning to the speed of 0

- In the Particle1 attribute Editor, Turn in herit Factor to 1 under emission attributes

- Now, Under Lifespan Attributes, Select lifespanPP only. Go down to per particle (Array) attribute and right mouse click on lifespanPP and select runtime expression. Enter this expression:

$magv = mag(velocity);
if (rand(1)<linestep(0,1,$magv/3))
lifespanPP = 1
lifespanPP = 0

you are with attribute for more finner result

this snippet was taken from Maya Killer tips book

hope it helps
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