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there is such a book... a direct translation of the US book, with the prices still in dollars... !

i would bill hourly including:
1 what you want to earn
2 part of the cost of what you are going to use (amortization of the cost of programs, cameras, expendables n stuff...)

they wont want to pay transport n meals n stuff so i goes in what you want to earn...

they will expect you to not bill them the meetings even if those are 3+ mornings... (so calculate an average and include it on your hourly billing)

if you have to copywrite, translate or even worse, copy a paper text back to digital because theyre so cheap as to not give it to you in a digital format, dont forget it: "you bill the same for typing as for designing, and you type with 2 fingers..."

also dont forget if you are going to go full time to set aside your taxes and social security payments... those can be scary at once if you forget em...

if all of that surpasses by far the average prices in your area you can a) talk them into acepting it because of how great u are and how great the project will be or b) swallow what they offer and do more projects in less time (but dont let they know it took you less time)

talk about money and changes (and what changes to the project cost) before accepting it... they will want lots of changes, always, be the project good or bad, if they are free

bear in mind that you would probably want to be paid as soon as you give them the finished project, and they will generally want to pay you sometime between the end of the current month and the end of the next of even second ot third month...