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Attaching Surfaces

I am doing a model for one of my courses and I was trying to Attach two surfaces and I couldn't.
The reason is, one of the surfaces is a lofted one from 2 curves and the other one is a planar (trimmed surface)
how can i attach them?
do i have to convert one or both surfaces into some other surfaces?

ALso, I have a little problem when it comes to rendering the image.
In the Render Globals, I've set everything as Production Quality, using raytracing, etc, etc.
But the final image is not accurate. Curved surfaces don't look smooth as I would like them to be. The look like polygonal surfaces.
I tried rebuilding the surfaces with more spans more but the final rendered image still not smooth.

What can I do for both situations???

Please, I would appreciate any help, since I am doing this model for school.

Thank you very much.