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Duplicating with Animation Snapshots

Here is another tip. Use the animation snapshot feature to create evenly spaced duplicates along a path. In the image below is a simple balcony rail. A revolved surface serves as the balcony posts. A nurbs curve is the direction I wanted duplicates placed. Attach the object to be duplicated to the path (under the animation menu). Inset on left show options, since mine was set to "time slider", the length of the path became 210 frames. Now for some math. I wanted a total of six posts (five new ones) 210 divided by 5 = 42. In the animation snapshot options (inset right), 42 was used as the increments for the snapshot (i.e. show me the status of animation at every 42nd frame). Note that I increased the range here to 211 to ensure that the snapshot would show the post in frame 210. Also note that this process recreated the post in frame one, so after the snapshop I had to delete one post. Snapshots are cool. :-)

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