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You will probably end up with that many, even if you don't want to. It definitely wasn't a goal I started out to do. Don't think of it as a hindrance. It's more the nature of how this stuff goes. You make something, get bored with it, and start something else.

The most things I have saved is heads. I've got a bunch of heads. The next I guess is trees. I don't know why I'd have that many trees. But I do. LOL

As far as completed characters go, I've probably completed about 20. But I still wouldn't really classify them as complete, because I do go back from time to time to update a model. I'm not talking about textures, animations, etc... That's a whole other topic, and one I feel is very much neglected by most 3D artists. It's rare to see "accurate" textures IMO.

Only advice I have is to keep at it. Don't worry about how many incomplete models you got. user added image

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