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Originally posted by wchamlet
Their prices are really no different from any other College or University in the US. This is just more clear for people to figure out how much money people are making on people's education.

Although I too think it's outrageous that they are charging that much, I am seriously considering taking this course once I get a job in the industry. Imagine what something like this would cost in a different school setting. Acadamy of Arts is almost $70,000, Ringling is over $100,000, and Art Center is over $120,000. Even schools like Vancouver Film School, $26,000, and ******, $36,000 are more expensive. $13,000 doesn't seem all that bad in comparison to other schools that teach similar things.

I wouldn't want to be an early adopter of their school though. It's probably going be rough for the first year or two. I'm going to take a wait and see approach to this. As of now I'm focusing on modeling anyway, so I don't really need to learn animation yet. But sometime in the future I will want to learn it, and I definitely don't want to go to a more expensive school to do so.

Surly if you were good enough to get a job in the industry you woundn't need to go on a training course?

The costs for university in the US seems way to expensive. Ringling @ $100,000!!! user added image Thats like £50,000+. Here it's under £4k for 3 years. Most students wouldn't even go past the £10-20k mark in total uni expenses.

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