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Default Bookmarks

Okay, you've got the scene framed just the way you want it for render, but realize that you need to add some more elements to the scene. Rather than hoping you can match the framed set up, make it a bookmark. Bookmarks, like the name suggests, allow you go return to a previous view setting. To create a book mark, select (from the panel menu) View-->Bookmarks-->Edit Bookmarks... In the Edit Bookmarks... dialog enter a name for the bookmark (Keep in mind Maya's naming conventions, i.e. no spaces, etc). You can also enter a description and even add an icon on to the shelf for quick access. Once you have the bookmark info filled in, click close. The next time to you go to View-->Bookmarks your bookmark will appear in the list above edit bookmarks... You can set up multiple bookmarks to view from different angles. You can also use the preset bookmarks for those common views. I use Maya for a lot of print work and usually set up a bookmark for the view that will be composited in Photoshop.
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