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ive been busy with the smoothing and it wont workuser added image

heres the problem
user added image

as u can see the bumper is a problem and i cant get it how i want i must be smooth but i want some sharp edges

at the 1st picture (left up) it is how i made it with polygon and didnt do anything with it for smoothing

the 2nd picture i use the SUB-d way convert to sub-d and this is the result it smooth stuff and smooth it very strange

the 3rd picture i used the smooth tool of polygon looks smooth but it also smooth the corner that must be sharp

and the latest 2 (on the right) most effective but stillnot good is sellect couple of faces i want to smooth and then use the smooth tool but the problem is then the edges at the air intake and the headlight are still square and not smooth how i wanted

i hope some 1 can help me with this becouse i cant go farder is this doesnt workuser added image