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This is what I know about uv's. I know that the vertices and UV's don't have to match up. I also know that scaling the UV's effects the resolution of your texture. In addition, I also know that if I move the uv's like your telling me to do will foul up the alignment with my file texture and that's why I didn't want to do what you said I should do. And the last thing I know is the basics of what the differences are between what all of the different projection mappings do such as plannar, cylinder, and spherical etc.

Though here are the things I don't know. What I don't know is if I uncheced the automatically fit the projection Manipulator option off, I don't understand those additional settings. Another thing I don't know is why does the final results of all the uv's have to fit with-in the 0-1 coordinates when having to scale the uv's afterwards only fouls up the resolution.

Not knowing these things and after reading a tutorial about projection height and projection widths must be equal to all layed out uv's, I figured out why my uv's cause this problem. Another words why the texture was getting distorted was because when projecting the different sections of the pants, I had all different Height projections.For example, after projecting the UV's on the selected faces using the cylinder projections, I was tweeking with the projection tool that maya gives after you apply the projections and I was changing its settings on tring to make sure the uv's where layed out correctly. However, I wasn't keeping all the projection heights the same to all my sections that I have broken up. So for example the right leg projection height was set to 1.658 and the left pants leg was set to 1.234 and so on. Doing that caused the texture to distort like it did.

So After reading this one tutorial, which shows that after you project your UV's you should apply a checker map to it and pick a sensible projection height and projection width that would be suitable to all your sections of UV's. Applying the checker map will help you know if everything is done correctly and they are aligned to each other. Also another thing I found out is that if you are creating your own textures in photoshop, it is better to keep the Hardware texture set to default rather than 256x256 or atleast thats how it works on my computer. I am thing that the time you would set the hardware texture to 256x256 is on the Maya predefined 2d textures such as checker.

Anywho, enough chit chaten, I have worked on my character some more, and started to learn to use the 3d paint tool which is an awsome feature that makes things a lot more easier by allowing you to paint right on the surface of your model. Hoever now that I learned a little more about UV's, I am most defently have to remap the head, and I am looking to see what else I could apply on the dog's head now that I have a basic idea with the 3d paint tool.

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