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I'm not sure what design school that would be. I've been to the UOF once, took a 3 month class on basic drawing, which I didn't get to much out of. The teacher even ask me I thought that I have learned anything, as she that I was skilled.

Yeah that are may programs get a job done anymore these days. I just get Corel Paint 8 and it seems really cool, all the paint tools it has! But photoshop is my baby, i've be using ps for 10 years.

I've grow up reading comic books, so I learn from them mostly, like the spawn comic, I love Todds style, its awesome. I also learn how to draw characters looking at Jim Lee's X-Man and WildCat.

Anyways heres is a drawing I did about a year and a half ago. Its a Leagcy of Kain fan art. I haven't done much drawings in the last 3 years do to maya:p But I mostly draw concepts and texture anymore for my 3d stuff.

fan art
I am creating an illusion.


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