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joint orientations won't stay in their correct positions

Hi there all,
For the last couple weeks now I have been struggling with rigging my cartoon dog which so far I fixed my first problem. Though now I came up with another problem. When rigging a character, I didn't know the importancy of joint orientation. I here that you can fix this problem by going into component mode, and then rotate there local axis just like you would do when changing the local axis of a surface. However, after correcting the joint orientations, and I go to export to shockwave, the exporter resets the joint orientations to their orignal local axis values as when I drew them. Meaning lets say the original joint orientation of one bone was set to x=93 y=4 z=70, and then I wanted to fix the joint orientaion so that it was set to x=0 y=-90 z=0. So now when I export to shockwave, right when it is collecting all of the data, that joint that I just gave as an example above, goes back to x=93 y=4 z =70. I know it has to be something that I am doing wrong because in my last problem that I tried asking here before which I got no response to, I found out that it wasn't the exporter causing the problem. My problem was I learned that I needed to parent all my surfaces in the same chain order my joints are setup as. So like I said before I know it has to be something that I am doing wrong but for the dear life of me I can't figure this out. In addition, I called Alias and so that they didn't charge me they told me that I could try doing a search for the aliaswavefront listserv which supports Alias to shockwave questions. I did a seach in google and found out in the google news group someone has mentioned that has been shut down. This is really driving me nuts that I can't believe that no one is discussing issues anymore about exporting to Shockwave from Maya. So I am really asking for your help about how I can keep my joint oreintations staying in their correct position. Even if you don't know whats wrong then would you know of any newsgroups that handle Alias to shockwave support?