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Help with rigging tutorials please

Hi there, im on the lookout for a good rigging tutorial. I've done the low poly one. And I'm keen on learning a bit more detail. Like making an fk/Ik switch using constraints properly (and understanding them) Basically all there is. I had a taste of it from a book, but the described setup was somehow incomplete.
I had a look around some older threads and It seemed that alias, now autodesk, has something called "maya masterclasses" videos. Which even came with nice mel commands to speed rigging up. But I cannot find a place where I can buy them. Also putting it through google doesn't give me any results.
I also had a look an digital But I could only find stuff on skinnig and binding.
So please, if anyone can recommend a rigging or complete character setup tutorial, which goes a more into detail than the low poly one, that'll be great!