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batch renders and glow

I have two questions:

My glow effects (called within the blinn shader node) flicker over time in my animation. I've read somewhere that it's due to autoexposure being on. So, how do I turn it off? Or is it due to something else?

I'm working on a 580 frame sequence that involves oceans, boats, and motor boats. Thing is, the batch render mysteriously stopped at 30% completion on frame 109. when I restarted the batch render from 109 things were out of place - the boat locator had been reset to its x=0 transform, the bouyancy was all out of whack... can I write a script that'll replay the animation up to a point and start rendering frame per frame there without me having to use the batch render? Like something that would play a frame, render it, save it, play the next, render... that way, if I decide to start in the middle of an animation, the script would play back up to that point and commence the frame-per-frame rendering.

or is there a way to cache the boat movement/sinking/floating so I don't have to play back all the way? I've tried activating the cache at several nodes (including the locators) and the ocean itself (its shader and displacement nodes) to no amount of success.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.