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Skywola - I have no idea how to use/create MEL's. I know Visual Basic uses if - then statements, and I know the basics of VB. Is MEL based off VB, or its own language, or what?

Vlad - Id prefer not to keyframe the rotation. I also noticed that the rotate Z field of the tires is oranged/pinked out. Will that throw off the rotation of the tire when the car is moving? Or could I just make it so that once the tires stop spinning as the car is sitting still, make them go back to 0 degrees, and it should pick up normally and rotate, right?

Matt - I already have it so that when the car moves, the tires rotate according to how far the car has traveled. I did it by using Set Driven Keys. I dont have to keyframe anything to get the tires rotating. Im trying to get the tires to rotate when the car is sitting still, without messing up the SDK.

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